Duromine 30 mg phentermine buy Duromine

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Duromine 30 mg capsules
Grey and reddish brown and marked DUROMINE 30
Sponsor: iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Limited
ABN: 13 617 871 539
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Duromine 30 mg phentermine

Duromine 30 mg phentermine contains phentermine as an ion-exchange resin complex equivalent to 15, 30 or 40 mg phentermine depending on strength.

Duromine phentermine 30 mg

The ion-exchange resin is quite stable, highly insoluble and without pharmacological effect until it reacts with cations (hydrogen, potassium, sodium etc) present in the gastrointestinal fluids. Phentermine is then released from the resin complex at a rate dependent on the total concentration of these cations. Since this concentration is fairly constant throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract, continuous and controlled ionic release occurs over a 10 to 14 hour period.



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